How It Works

Step 1:  

Register Your Account

It’s free to register an account on CrowdTranche.  You’ll then be able to review relevant investments and be informed of important events.

Step 2:  

Choose an Investment

Choose an investment opportunity that suits your desired property type, location, projected returns, governance, and risk tolerance.

Step 3:  

Perform Due Diligence

Review available due diligence materials such as financial projections, historical financials, business plan, marketing plan, title report, and appraisal.

Step 4:  

Make an Investment

Review and sign necessary legal documents, then deposit your investment funds into a third-party escrow account without ever leaving your seat.

Step 5:  

Wait for Funding Approval

Outcome A:  

If investment is fully funded, funds are transferred from escrow into the investment.

Outcome B:  

If not enough, funds are returned to your account without any fees.

Step 6:  

Monitor Investment

Keep track of your investment with management notifications, monthly reports, and annual reviews with voting.  Depending on performance, you will also receive monthly cash flow.

Step 7:  

Exit from Investment

Be able to close your investment when the property is sold.

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