Real Estate Investing with CrowdTranche


Ability to Own Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate without Large Capital Commitment

Most commercial and multifamily real estate properties require hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars of equity, which leaves this asset class open only to large real estate funds and wealthy individuals.  With CrowdTranche, you can now gain exposure to this attractive asset class with a significantly smaller investment.


Backed by a Tangible Asset


You will own a percentage of a specific property that can be visited, inspected, and appraised.  The property is the collateral for the investment.


Investment Diversification

With CrowdTranche, you can selectively diversify your real estate investments and reduce your overall exposure to any one property.  For instance, $50,000 can now be invested in several large properties rather than just one.


Active Property Monitoring

Similar to how properties are traditionally managed, you will receive regular reports from the property’s manager regarding financial performance, vacancies, marketing strategies, and large capital expenses.  You will be able to vote on approving major expenses and whether to sell the property.


Monthly Cash Flow

CrowdTranche properties are selected to produce monthly cash flow, which will accrue in your CrowdTranche account and distributed directly to you on a quarterly basis.


Potential for Capital Gains

You property could increase in value over time.  If so, you will receive capital gains from your investment when the property is sold.