Active Monitoring

CrowdTranche investors receive much of the information and control that comes with active property management while benefiting from the perspectives of fellow investors and without a huge capital commitment.


Management Notifications

Property Managers will request approval for:

  • Expenses exceeding certain predefined limits
  • Significant changes in the business plan
  • Significant changes in marketing strategy

Monthly Financial Reports

Property Managers will provide the following financial data to CrowdTranche investors on a monthly basis:

  • Revenues
  • Vacancies
  • Significant expense items
  • Net operating cash flow
  • Financing expenses

Annual Review and Vote

CrowdTranche investors will be able to review and vote on the following items annually:

  • Property’s marketing strategy
  • Property’s business plan
  • Expected capital expenses
  • Need to refresh appraisal value
  • Possibility of property sale